Ref.: 3100-K 17

45 x 12 cm

Rectangular Repair Patch in Elastic Quality: Large size repair patch (XL measure), one of the star items in the house that will allow you to cut the necessary amount of fabric that you want to use to repair, reuse and recycle your garments.

Use: Cover holes of any size, whether large or small, with the piece of iron-on repair cloth. For greater fixation, once the patch has been ironed on the clothing, we recommend applying heat to the back of the garment.

Feel: strong and resistant fabric with the iron-on applied on the reverse.

Theyinclude the RIZAAL thermo-adhesive formula with quality guarantee and instructions for use on the back of the package to adhere them quickly with your iron.

Presentation: one piece per container of 45cm x 12cm

Fashion is always surprising us all. Since some years ago, trousers are manufactured under some elastic thread, for that reason we have developed in RIZAAL™ the new knit repairer, suitable for this kind of clothes. 

  • Available in 13 different colors.

Rectangular knitted repairer, RIZAAL™
Composition: 100% Polyester

  • Colour: 17 Kaki