• <span>Repair Patches</span>Geometrical

Repair PatchesGeometrical

Thermoadhesive repairs (forms) from RIZAAL™

All forms you can imagine can be created in our factory of thermoadhesive products. 

  • Big and small size
  • All forms
  • Wider or tighter

Depending on the article you want to repair, or the mesure you need we can offer: 

  • Ref. 2700 T (polyester/cotton) or 2700 J (Denim)

Set of squares and circles in small size for small reparations.

  • Ref. 2800 T (polyester/cotton) or 2800 J (Denim)

Piece of 16,4 x 9,4cm.

  • Ref. 3100 T (polyester/cotton) or 3100 J (Denim)

Piece of 45 x 12 cm.

  • Ref. 3300 T (polyester/cotton) or 3300 J (Denim)

Piece of 34 x 4 cm.