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Patches and RepairersThermoadhesive Repair Patches

Thermoadhesive repairs (forms) from RIZAAL™

All forms you can imagine can be created in our factory of thermoadhesive products. 

  • Big and small size
  • All forms
  • Wider or tighter

Depending on the article you want to repair, or the mesure you need we can offer:

- Percale Quality L: cotton
- Repair Strips: polyester/cotton or denim
- Crotches:polyester/cotton or denim
- Fantasy Forms Ms. Patch: Available in 4 shapes and 15 colors.
- Customize Kit: The kit includes two 15x20cm fantasy fabrics.
- Self adhesive Nylon: available in 15 colors.
- Repair Patch S: polyester/cotton or denim
- Rectangular Repair M: polyester/cotton or denim
- Rectangular Repair XL: polyester/cotton, denim, elastic or jogging
- Repair Strip: polyester/cotton or denim