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Aida fabrics

Aida fabrics from RIZAAL™ is specially designed for your cross stitch embroideries.
Available in four different dimensions and different packaging formats.

- PC0: 10 units in one pack. Sizes: 25cm x 35cm.
- PC1: 10 units packed individually. Sizes: 35cm x 50cm.
- PC2: Boarded. Sizes: 5mt x 150cm.
- PC3: In rolls. Sizes: 50mt x 150cm.

Colours and inch available: 

- 6 inch: white and cream, only in rolls.
- 14 inch: 13 colours available in all formats.
**Ref: PC0-14-00: sorted packaging that includes all colours except white, crude and cream. 10 units sorted.

Rizaal™ Aida fabrics
Composition: 100% cotton