• Iron-on motifs

Iron-on motifs

The design and research department from RIZAAL™ studies the fashion trends each season. This is the reason why we have a large range of iron on motifs, all them in different qualities: embroideries, woven labels, printings or Copyright©.

Available selling sets: 

- Displays: Combination of 6 or 9 designs. 

- Individual Displays: Complet sets of 6 designs. 

- Individually: We only supply individually packed or in bulk the following qualities: 

  • Embroideries: minimum 30 pieces to deliver individually packed or in bulk. 
  • Woven labels: minimum 300 pieces to deliver in bulk. 
  • Copyright©: Minimum 24 pieces to deliver individual packaging. 

Have a look to our catalogues:

Download the embroidery displays catalogue

Download the embroidery sets catalogue

Download the woven labels catalogue

Download the printing designs catalogue

Download the Copyright© catalogue