Like so many great projects, Rizaal knee patch manufacturing also began in a small garage on the outskirts of Sabadell, a town with a great textile tradition.
One idea coupled with the enthusiasm and hard work of its founder, Ricardo Zamora Alonso, led to an undertaking which is so personal that even the company’s name is the acronym of his name: Rizaal.
Ricardo Zamora became interested in fabrics at a very early age and went on to combine his skills as a textile engineer with the experience he gained travelling around other towns with a textile tradition in Central America as he searched for new fabric methods and applications. One of the things he was especially interested in was the easiest way of putting on knee patches, which at the time could only be sewn onto garments.

Ricardo Zamora Alonso, founder of the company.

Picture: packaging on 1980

Based in Sabadell (Barcelona) Rizaal, s.l. has been trading for over 46 years and designs, manufactures, packages and sells iron-on textile products.

Our production department is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and has over 1200 m2 of facilities equipped with German, Swiss and Italian high-tech machinery. This enables us to manufacture premium quality items extremely quickly while at the same time fully respecting the environment.

 Picture: Our first stencil machine for patches. Year 1978

 Pictures: Our facilities today.

Factory and conditioning area today.

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