Ref.: 3550A-69


To sew: 14,5cm x 9,6cm

Buckskin elbow patches to sew: The holes around the patch show through where the end user should sew the elbow patches, suitable for those who prefer sewing them instead of ironing them on.

Using: Reinforcerepair or customize the elbow zone of your tracksuit or jerseys with these Smart patches, since the sewed thread will be a fashionable and differenciated complement.

Touch: the softness of this buckskin imitation is an elegant and comfortable fabric that can be used in daily, in the office, meetings or university.

It DOES NOT include the thermoadhesive formule RIZAAL®, in this case the labour will be finalized without applying the iron machine.

Presentation: two pieces per pack.

To sew standard size: 14,5cm x 9,6cm

Color: 69 Red