• Self-adhesive Cork A4 - 21cm x 29,7cm.

Self-adhesive Cork A4 - 21cm x 29,7cm.

RIZAAL™ Self Adhesive Cork

The thin RIZAAL™ Cork conglomerate sheet is also available in self adhesive version.

Ideal for binding lining boxes and objects of different shapes and materials.

Using: You can use these fabrics to create all your ideas in any type of material, not only fabrics. So, it can be used over cartron, woden, plastic, etc. You will be able to personalize and customize your agenda, a bottle, your kitchen accessorizes like tablemats or a flowerpot… These are some of the handicraft ideas that we offer!

  • Ref. A231C. Sizes: 21 x 29.7 cm.

Composition: 100% cork.


Self-Adhesive Cork

21cm X 29,7cm