• Tracksuit Quality

Tracksuit Quality

Tracksuit knee patches and elbow patches

The new termoadhesive patches in tracksuit material from RIZAAL adapt themselves to the school and sport equipment due to its material and used for the children.

With this new article don’t worry if children brake the clothing in knee area! They are soft and resistant, and the patch will be perfectly adapted to the sport clothing, enlarging the life of the clothing.

  • Ref. 2600 CH. Medium size: 13,9 x 9,3cm

Available in basic colours: black, grey, red, electric blue and navy.

Knee patches for tracksuits from RIZAAL

Composition: 50% plush – 50% polyester/cotton

2600-CH Black 03

13,9cm X 9,3cm

2600-CH Navy 08

13,9cm X 9,3cm.

2600-CH Red 23

13,9cm X 9,3cm

2600-CH Silver Grey 210

13,9cm X 9,3cm