• Denim


Denim knee patches:
Extremely hardwearing material. The world’s leading fabric due its texture, strength and elasticity, along with the best RIZAAL™ iron-on film.

For strengthening trousers where they wear out most. 5 colours to choose from.

Minimum order quantity:12 pieces (pairs) per colour.

  • Ref. 4000 J. Standard size: 15,7cm x 9,4cm.
  • Ref. 4300 J. Wide size: 16,0cm x 10,0cm.
  • Ref. 4440 J. American size: 15,6cm x 9,8cm.
  • Ref. 4500 J. Extra large size: 16,3cm x 11,4cm.

RIZAAL™ denim knee patches
Composition: 100% cotton