Verkaufsbedingungen für Unternehmen

Dear Customer,

From 1st April 2019 we are modifying the sales conditions in order to offer the best quality and service. This new conditions will be applied to all orders received in RIZAAL, S.L. Sant Ferran street 237, 08205 Sabadell – Spain.


The products that we are offering are subject to availability. RIZAAL, S.L. is not obliged to supply the products in case of being discontinued from our catalogue. We reserve the right of informing you about similar products with similar specifications and value that can be supplied as an alternative.
Our aim is to supply the best quality at the shortest time, although sometimes the delivery can be delayed due to unpredictable circumstances. Transport difficulties, irregularities during the manufacturing process, delays on the delivery of the raw material are examples of these circumstances that can extend the delivery of our products.
In case that any of these circumstances occur and the order cannot be completed, we are exempt of the obligation to supply these articles. In any case, your commercial person will keep you informed.


The orders can be sent by email at the email address or telephone 0034 93 725 18 88. In order to process your order, its minimum amount should be 100€. For lower orders RIZAAL, S.L. reserves its right to charge a processing charge of 10€.


For the basic thermoadhesive repairs line it is detailed below the minimum order quantity settled down:

  • REPAIR PATCHES polyester cotton quality: packs of 12 pieces.
  • REPAIR PATCHES buckskin quality: packs of 6 pieces.
    • Embroideries: in case of requesting only a specific design of a specific display it is necessary to order minimum 30 pieces. For Copyright items the minimum order quantity is 24 pieces.
    • Exclusive items:
      • Embroideries: Minimum 300 pieces.
      • Woven labels: Minimum 500 pieces.


If any of our raw materials increases the price more than 5%, RIZAAL, S.L. reserves its right to change the price list of the affected article.


We offer the possibility to sell the articles we manufacture under your own brand. The requirements in order to offer this service are:

  • The design of the instructions under your brand should be supplied.
    - In case that our marketing department designs the packaging, we reserve the right to charge a fee of 90€.
  • Minimum packaging manufacturing: 10.000 instructions.
  • After manufacturing your packaging, it should take no more than 12 months to deliver minimum 10.000 pairs of patches.
  • The final cost of the article increases 0,03€.
  • In case that the packaging is obsolete we have to finalise the stock of the old packaging before manufacturing the new one. In case that you want to change the packaging although we still have stock, the cost of the remaining old packaging should be credited.

These requirements should be signed in an agreement between both parties.


The payment terms will be accorded between the customer and the commercial person. The accepted payment terms are:

  • Payment in advance for first orders.
  • Transfer after 30 days (after invoice date)
    IBAN: ES49 0081 0195 7000 0185 1194 In case of delay of old payments, RIZAAL, S.L. reserves the right not to deliver future orders and at the same time, request the payment in advance for future orders.


RIZAAL, S.L. guarantees that the products will be delivered in perfect conditions. We recommend that the order has minimum 200€ amount in order to deliver it without transport cost. On the other hand, all orders under 200€ will include the corresponding transport charge.


Although we strive to ensure that the colors of the products that appear on our website are as true to the true color as possible, there are many factors, even external to our control, that may cause slight differences to their true color.